Open to unseen possibilities in understanding yourself and others. Dive deep; have fun. Be amazed at what is revealed!

6 hours includes a break for healthy snacks.  February 13th or 28th.  Pricing varies.

Call 828-788-5142 or email for more information.

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New Transformation Game dates

Sunday, August 26th, 12-6

Friday, August 31st, 12-6

Sunday, September 16th, 12-6

or contact me to schedule your own date(s)

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Playful Transformation on the Road

Laurel and Bonnie will be offering an appetizer for the Transformation Game at Unity Center ( in Mills River on Sunday, June 24th. Come to Unity’s celebrations (9:30/11am), and stay for a 2 hour workshop in the afternoon, where you will learn about the Transformation Game and have the opportunity to explore an intention for your life through Insights and Angels from the Game. We hope to see you there!

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New Play Dates for Spring, 2012

While you can schedule a game time at your convenience, we have several dates set aside: Saturday, May 12th; Thursday, May 24th; Sunday, May 27th; Friday, June 29th; Saturday, June 30th. Games are all 5.5 hours, with one break for snacks.

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2012: Tending Relationships with Self and Others through the Transformation Game

We hope 2011 came to a good end, and that you are now welcoming the New Year and new growth.  We are gearing up for a great new year by setting some intentions for ourselves!  One is to ignite “couples” to avail themselves of the opportunities the Transformation Game has to offer.  Our focus is to encourage the idea of “tending” relationships with self & others.  Relationships can be of all kinds: mother/father & daughter/son, self & partner, self & parents, self and boss, self and the past……   We are always in relationship!

Our Game schedule will offer players some new days of the week to play.  And of course, we are still doing G.O.D.- Games on Demand!

Another intention we have set is to facilitate a minimum of 10 games this year. We’re hoping you will help us get the word out.

Wishing you all a very good year,

Laurel and Bonnie

Scheduled Game dates are:                                   Prices/discounts:

• Feb. 11th  1:00- 6:30pm                                     • individuals                     $130

• Feb. 20th  1:00-6:30 pm                                   • 2 playing together       $245

• Feb. 26th  1:00-6:30pm                                    • second “couple”            $230

                                                                                 • deposit                      $50/person

To register for a game, please contact us:

Laurel Reinhardt:  828-215-7424

Bonnie Cooper:      828-788-5142

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Holy-days Game

The winter holidays are fast approaching and we have just the game to help you transform those days, and your life, into something even more meaningful. Our next game, already half filled, is on December 5th, from 4-9:30pm. $100 gets you into the game, and affords you a sustaining meal as well. Please call or email to register or obtain more information.; 828-215-7424.

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A Tasty, Transformational Appetizer

Join us Sunday, July 31st, 2011, 6:30 pm, at Earth Fare/Westgate to experience a sampling of the Transformation Game. Insights, a new perspective on a personal setback, and an angelic guide are awaiting you. Come with a question, have some fun, and leave with a new frame of reference. We look forward to seeing you there.

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Transformation—A Happy Surprise!

I recently sent a question to the host of this blog (WordPress) and the person who responded carried the title of “Happiness Engineer”. Reading this, a big smile came over my face as I thought of the surprise element in reading this title, which reminded me of the Transformation Game.

Transformation, which is sometimes called alchemy or transmutation, is usually a surprise.  There is no guarantee that it will occur, and it often comes unexpectedly. It can not be predicted from current circumstances or understanding, much like the Arab Spring.

This is so true of the Transformation Game. While the game provides the container and opportunity for transformation, within an atmosphere of fun and introspection, new perspectives, great questions, focused attention, etc., one never knows where or when the “aha moment” will appear.  But come they do, often when least expected.

So come and play with us- let the game “engineer” transformational opportunities for you.  It could put a smile on your face!

And join us at Earth Fare/Westgate on Tuesday, May 31st, at 6pm, for a tasty, transformational appetizer.

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May Special

During the month of May, anyone who signs up for a game with a friend will get a 25% discount off their game.

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Come meet your Angels in the Transformation Game. Next game dates are July 16th and 23rd, 2011. (Choose one, or schedule your own!)

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